Gnutropics wants you to be happy with your purchase.  We provide a selection of products,and information for research, because everyone is different.   A product that works well for one person might not be efficacious for another.   Should you desire a refund, we will be happy to oblige.   Simply email us at info@gnutropics.com providing us your reason for returning the product, and send the unused product (in good condition)  to the address shown below within thirty days of your purchase date:

Gnutropics, Inc.    P.O. Box 60342     Phoenix, AZ  85082

Gnutropics will refund your  account with a payment for the unused product within one-week of receipt.  An email MUST be sent informing us of a return or it will sit at the PO Box all alone.


Disclaimer: Please do not substitute our information for your own due diligence.  Research and understand these products and what they can do for you and be responsible for your body’s limitations.  We are NOT responsible for any adverse reactions to our products as there may be unknown contraindications when combining with alcohol or other drugs.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness.  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. If you have any medical conditions, please consult a medical professional before buying.



Nootropics are the result of decades of research into the functions of the brain and how best to amplify or suppress particular traits, based upon desirability.   Due to the nature of the research involved, many nootropics fall into a kind of “public domain” of application where no one company is holding or enforcing a patent.   The end result is that nootropics are highly studied and the functions (if not always the mechanisms) of many nootropics are well documented.  No organization will spend the millions of dollars necessary for FDA approval when the likelihood of a patent is non-existent.

To this end, nootropics fall under the category of “nutraceuticals.”  Like many items you might find at a General Nutrition Center, nootropics come with FDA warnings meaning the FDA does not recognize the veracity of the testing – to date.  This is not as bad as one might imagine, given the contraindications associated with most FDA-APPROVED drugs!

Gnutropics  start by color-coding the capsules of all of its products.  This allows easy identification if mixed with other capsules.  Caffeine+ is always yellow and green.  Noopept is always red, etc.  We also follow the same, basic guidelines that all integrous suppliers of nutraceuticals adhere to.

  1.     The product is made of food-grade or pharmaceutical-grade  compounds and the MSDS are available if requested.
  2.      The product has no contaminants or adulterants.
  3.      The product is properly and truthfully labeled. 

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